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Oly Arts Perspective

Variables: four week-long exhibitions featuring live performances, discussions, music and the work of emerging artists from across the west coast.

A big thank you to all the people who donated and supported our great month of Art, Music, Performance and discussion.

Thank you to:

Bradley Jackson

Stephanie Maj

Jessie Mclouth

Vanessa Libertad Garcia

Sammy Harvell

Jennyrose Write

Daniel Ribas

Blen Davidson

Gilda Davidian

Galen Johnson

Alexis Hudgins

Yvonne Ribas

Joanne Pagan

Onyx Dixon

Luna Krahe

Heide Wisner

Henk Polkadot Austinson

Sara Everett

john Espinoza

Jessica Looney

Shameka Gagnier

Joanna Stevens

Constance Fleming

Jen Friedlander

Camey Combs

Amanda Ribas

Ben Tugwell

Amanda Shulman

Erin McCready

Jenn Susan

Martin Hester

Jessica Sage

Rhett Nelson

Victor Noble

Lauren Kurzweil

Carol Streit

Casey Donohue

Claire Tunkl

Jean Hester

Polly Hawver

Sam Fleming

Tom Anderson


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