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Oly Arts Perspective

Variables: four week-long exhibitions featuring live performances, discussions, music and the work of emerging artists from across the west coast.

The Olympia Arts Perspective will be a month long event of Art, Music, Performance, and discussion. In hopes of inspiring the Art Community in Olympia to flourish, it will be free to the public and all inclusive.  More information can be attained by emailing

When: April 1 – April 30

Where: 112 State Ave


VARIABLES: a weekly dialogue and exhibition of Art, Music, and Performances for the month of April.

Week 1: ‘Me + You’ is an exploration of the personal, autobiographical and relational. This weeks exhibition will be primarily rooted in showing work that takes individual experiences and makes them accessible for all.

Week 2: ‘Us + The Other’ is a survey of comparisons and contradictions. What makes an individual/Group/Nation an ‘Us’ or an ‘Other’? and from what perspective do those rules apply?

Week 3: ‘X+Y’ is a commentary on how those letters have created a binary across humanity. Not unlike Ones and Zeros, there are never-ending combinations. Breaking THROUGH the Gender Binary.

Week 4: ‘Space +Place’ is a focus on what is around us. From the walls that shelter us to the water that sustains us; how do we nurture our environments? how do we abuse them? And what is there, that we do not see?

For each week there will be panels, discussion groups, and critiques. The hope is that each artist gets a chance to speak about their work, have a discussion about their work, and also get feedback from their peers and audience.


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